Dave’s Custom Pens Saskatoon

Dave is a talented, skilled artisan and lifelong learner who has been creating wonderful, handmade, one-of-a-kind fine writing instruments for many years. He works out of his personal workshop, often listening to music or watching/listening to movies that his wife and dogs are not interested in. Dave’s pens are conversation starters, with pens of various…

Peculiar Poppets

Jackie of Peculiar Poppets is a collector of the discarded and a maker of creatures both whimsical and sweetly macabre.  She likes to take things that have been rejected and give them another chance to be loved.  From hand sculpted wraiths, kitchen witches and pixies, to reincarnated porcelain dolls, there is a little something for…

Madroot Creations

Meet the Beaton brothers founders of Madroot Creations. A talented duo combining their unique skills to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry and other curiosities inspired by their Scottish and German heritage and European folklore. The elder brother, Jeffrey, is a visual artist with a passion for intricate details and a love of the past. He…

Tramps Vintage Grooming Company

We are a locally owned 100% pure organic beard oil company with 4 signature scents and some really cool merch .

Valhalla Beard Care

Hand crafted locally made organic / natural beard care products. Operating it southern Alberta since 2016. We offer the very best in beard oil, beard balm, beard butter, shampoo & conditioner, as well as our new line of shaving and men’s grooming products.

Luna Jewelry + Light of a Lotus

Luna Jewelry:  Luna Jewelry is a small handcrafted business, focusing on jewelry. Nadeige loves to make ethereal themed pieces, relying heavily on soft colours, real florals, and butterflies, to create a collection of whimsy, unisex, pieces! All pieces are made by hand with love, using acrylic, resin, and high quality metal to ensure everything is…


I do all things upholstery!  Including recovering of tattoo beds, arm rests, and vinyl wrapped pillows to make your clients more comfortable for their tattoo sessions.  Custom orders are always considered!    

R&L Motorcycles

R&L Motorcycles is back again, hundreds of Dixxon shirts up for grabs.

Trash Rat Merch

Clothing, stickers, and art prints inspired by mental illness and tattoos

Mountain Aura Crystals

Megan from Mountain Aura Crystals has a wide selection of gemstone tumbles, towers, pendulums, and palm stones.  For those looking for cards, she’s got a great selection of oracle, affirmation, and Tarot decks. Her husband does amazing woodworking, and she’ll have handmade incense and card holders perfect for your daily card pulls. Megan is also…

Ragnar the Trader

Ragnar the Trader IS Canada’s Viking guy! Ragnar specializes in all things Nordic and Nerdy – drinking horns, patches, pins, jewelry and more!

Coffin Carpentry

We are Coffin Carpentry, local to Saskatoon! We have been crafting awesome coffin shelves since 2022 and have been loving it ever since!  We have made hundreds of shelves ranging from 17″ to 6′ tall! We also had the opportunity to make tons of different little coffin shaped items such as signs, drop boxes, pen/brush…

The Duchess Tattoo Shop

The Duchess Tattoo Shop is a traditional tattoo shop located in South Parkdale, Toronto.

The Meat Bar

C’mon down to The Meat Bar where we’re bringing back old school basement bar vibes. Pull up a seat and treat yourself to a meat shot and other thirst quenching snacks! All in good company! Cheers!

Crow Shop

Hand carved skulls and skull rings. 

The Unicorn Cabinet & Stitch Witch

Meet Stitch Witch and The Unicorn Cabinet, the dynamic duo of the goth/witchy/tattooed community in saskatoon. These best friends share a passion for all things magical and creative, each running their own unique small businesses that have captured the hearts of their followers.   Stitch Witch, with her all-black aesthetic, is the mastermind behind the…

Kerpanistan Signs

Ryan is a self taught Saskatoon sign painter.  Using traditional techniques and materials he creates sharp, eye-catching works.  Check out his booth and grab something unique or inquire about custom lettering.

Mystery Bags

Butterfly Art Inc.

Insects and critters galore! Find yourself mesmerized by colours, shapes and patterns. Critters in frames of various sizes, domes, dioramas, as drawings and also in keychains and paper weights.

Obsidian Grove

Obsidian Grove is a dark fantasy world building project created by Adam and Diane combining their artistic and literary talents. They hail from Alberta, Canada, and are inspired by both their homeland and their favourite mythologies and stories from around the world.

Bex’s Glass & Sass

If you don’t appreciate crude humor- F OFF. I make snarky dishware and witchy stained glass! Can’t wait to see you all in April 2024!

Work of Arc 306

I enjoy the challenge of creating metal art using recycled parts. The work is performed in a small garage using hand tools and a mig. welder. The limited space and equipment add another dimension of creativity when building works of arc. Looking for that unique piece of artwork for your shop or home? Check workofar306…

Miami Mayer

Miami Mayer’s work is a display of self created rotary tattoo machines, inspired by Jail house tattoo culture. Each machine is made from collected or found objects to emulate the resourcefulness of inmates. As well Miami Mayer makes mirror etchings with traditional flash designs etched on.

GoodGuy Supply

We live for tattooing. Better tools, built with integrity and respect, and made with love for this community that we revere. Everything we do is meant to make our craft better, and to carry this timeless, coveted artform forward into future generations.

ACE handmade

ACE handmade is Chelsea and Autumn Collins. Chelsea is a mixed media embroidery artist. Her themes include Horror, pop culture, vintage with a twist, and a lot of sass! She also dabbles in wood burning/paintings in a similar style. Autumn is an insect taxidermist. She pins and frames all kinds of butterflies, scorpions, tarantulas, moths, and…

Melissa Squire Fashion Design

Melissa Squire Fashion Design is a socially conscious, community oriented company, a diverse brand with a focus on sustainability.  For over 17 years her handmade designs have been showcased on runways both locally and internationally.  The Melissa Squire line rocks vintage vibes with a modern edge.  A little something for everyone, you will find  adorable…


Rollin’ Free is back again this year! With our custom 70’s themed Easyrider/bands/babes epoxy plaques,  Stop on in and  get some vintage themed Plaques! 🤟

Loft Links Permanent Jewelry

  What is Permanent Jewelry? Permanent jewelry is a unique experience and offers one-of-a-kind pieces. Choose from a selection of 14k gold-filled or sterling silver chains and we’ll cut them to fit you perfectly. A quick flash of a micro welder creates a permanent closure on your wrist, ankle, or as a necklace. You never have…