Mountain Aura Crystals

Mountain Aura Crystals Is based out of the Saskatoon area and sells crystals, gemstones and minerals that are modern, affordable and responsibly sourced. Wether it’s home decor or function you are after, we have something for every style and budget.  We source from South Africa to Pakistan, to Brazil, making sure items are equal parts…

Twisting Maple Food Co.

Saskatoon made Hot Sauce/Mustards/spices  

Fantastical Worlds

Subculture clothing, acessories, metaphysical and home decor

Crow shop

Hand made skull rings, skull pendants, skull carvings. Everything is made by me Brendon Plumb.

Rollin Free

Hand made wood expoxy Rollin Free plaques! A tribute to the 70’s chopper magazine clippings and vintage playboys

Stitch Witch & The Unicorn Cabinet

Nikita & Dez bring a variety of rad things, there’s something for everyone! Stitch Witch specializes  in making one of a kind clothing pieces & printed items. The Unicorn Cabinet has vintage items, printed & reworked clothing.

River Valley Printing co

We are an independent printing company based out of Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Supplying tattooers and artists with fine art reprints, stickers, pins and banners.

Loft Links Permanent Jewelry

Say hello to your forever accessory, permanent clasp-free jewelry! Permanent jewelry is a unique experience and offers one-of-a-kind pieces. Choose from a selection of 14k gold-filled or sterling silver chains and we’ll cut them to fit you perfectly. A quick flash of a micro welder creates a permanent closure on your wrist, ankle, or as a necklace. You…

Alauna Whelan

Alauna Whelan is an artist and alchemist. She creates luxury products that merge the mystical with the modern to elevate people’s lives through rituals of care, intention, and awareness. She handcrafts goods in small batches from her studio focusing on utilizing high-quality materials and botanically based ingredients. Visit Alauna’s booth to shop her best selling…

Kerpanistan Signs

A saskatoon sign painter who enjoys putting his own twist on a traditional craft.

Meat Chops Snacks

From land to Meat Chops brand, to in your hands, enjoy bison, beef and elk jerky snacks!


Selling Dixxon Clothing and Simpson Helmets

Madroot Creations

Meet the Beaton brothers founders of Madroot Creations. A talented duo combining their unique skills to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry and other curiosities inspired by their Scottish and German heritage and European folklore. The elder brother, Jeffrey, is a visual artist with a passion for intricate details and a love of the past. He…

Mystery Bags

The Ultimate Surprise

Alive At Night

Low-brow goods for the people your mother warned you about! We are inspired by tattoos, street art, motorcycles, and low-brow culture which we create clothing, patches, pins, and lots more for!

Death Defied Clothing Co

Death Defied is an extreme lifestyle clothing brand for those who push the limits from the road to the skies! #Cheatthereaper

Obsidian Grove

Obsidian Grove is an original Dark Fantasy Art & Story project. We sell art prints, stickers, pins, and banners featuring the mythical creatures, gods, and characters from our fantastical world.

Eikon Tattoo Supply

Delivering quality, excellent value and a worry-free experience has always been our primary focus, and we first set out to do this by creating a great lineup of Eikon power supplies, tattoo machines, needles and tubes. We also offer a carefully curated selection of tried and true supplies in our store, from the brands you…

Terra Supra Skin Care Incorporated

Terra Supra Skin Care Inc. is a small family run company based in Saskatoon. We make only the best natural and organic exfoliants, moisturizers and clay masks from ingredients sourced from Saskatchewan and Canada ONLY! Our customers have been telling us that our gentle scrubs and moisturizers revitalize their tattoos to look like new! Our…

Bex’s Sass & Glass

Snarky, Crude Humor Antique Glassware and Witchy Stained Glass!

Extreme Hockey & Umbrella Marketing Solutions

Local owned and operated business in Regina. Our goal is to provide the best and knowledgeable experience on all sporting areas.  We have a very competitive and growing cooperate division that works directly with Sports teams, Agro companies and more. 


I make and sell tattoo pillows that are covered in clear marine vinyl that can be sanitized.

Little Bear Goods

Founded early 2019 in the Northern Prairies of Alberta, but a long time comin’… Lil’ Bear Amb has been sewing since she was a young buck and is pleased as punch to incorporate her artwork [or yours!] into fun, decorative items for your space. Her designs are inspired by the West, Country Music, Tattoos, Motorcycles,…

Melissa Squire Fashion Design

Melissa Squire is a diverse brand of handmade clothing and accessories with a focus on sustainability.  Feminine collection consisting of adorable dresses, skirts and tops, beautiful gowns and fabulous kimonos. Children’s rompers, overalls, jumpers, dresses, pants and shirts.  Masculine vests, ties and dress shirts. Accessories made from Upcycled tire include bow ties, cuffs and watch straps, mask…

Hieberts Hotshop

Joan and Al Hiebert honed their glass skills while teaching and bringing up two sons. Joan began with an interest in stained glass, and as techniques progressed, to mosaics, fusing, slumping, sandblasting, painting, lampworking, blowing and sculpting. Al’s technical background has lead to an interest in functional pieces such as lampshades and custom glass pieces including awards and…

Miami Mayer

Miami Mayer is a multimedia artist currently living in Calgary, Alberta. Miami Mayer is influenced by various genres such as American traditional tattooing, jailhouse tattoos and folk art. His work is a display of self created rotary tattoo machines inspired by jailhouse tattoo culture. Each machine is made from collected or found objects, to emulate…

Butterfly Art Studio

We sell art made with real butterflies, insects and other critters.

Ragnar the Trader

Ragnar the Trader IS Canada’s Viking guy, and he is based out of Saskatoon! Ragnar will have his huge collection of handmade drinking horns, cups, mugs, beard combs on display and for sale, as well as rings, tapestries, patches galore, jewellery and leather accessories. Whether you’re looking for a piece of Norse history or a…

Squints Prints

Squints Prints is a custom screen printing and embroidery shop located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. First opening their doors in 2017, they’ve grown from a small 1-man garage shop to a brick and mortar warehouse with a small dedicated team running automatic printing presses for better quality and faster turn arounds. “We strive to continue pleasing…