Dave’s Custom Pens Saskatoon


Dave is a talented, skilled artisan and lifelong learner who has been creating wonderful, handmade, one-of-a-kind fine writing instruments for many years. He works out of his personal workshop, often listening to music or watching/listening to movies that his wife and dogs are not interested in.

Dave’s pens are conversation starters, with pens of various themes and interests, such as steampunk, dragons, football, hunting, fishing, justice, animals, first responders, artist, theatre, and fidget. A favourite of many customers is the coffee bean scoop containing real coffee beans cast in a white resin for the handle, and of course there are also coffee bean pens! Another highly sought out item are the pinecone pens which is something that Dave is known for. He has them in all types/styles of both pen and pencils and offers pen creations made of resin cast pencil crayons. How’s about a pen made with cholla cactus and brass filings? Some people tell Dave that they don’t use a pen to write anymore and obviously they haven’t used a quality writing utensil he has made! Dave would like to help the ‘non-writers’ become writers again and suggests that purchasing a high-quality writing utensil might inspire them to write, as some of Dave’s customers have told him they were inspired. 

Pens are as unique as the person who is writing with them and make a meaningful gift for even the people who have everything. Dave has pens of all styles, weights, and feel. Dave encourages you to write with something that is as unique as you are. His pens have found new homes with executives, salespeople, students, teachers, graduates, realtors, bosses, new retirees, medical personnel, judges, veterinarians, professional photographers and family members to name a few.

Friends don’t let friends write with a cheap pen!