Luna Jewelry + Light of a Lotus


Luna Jewelry: 

Luna Jewelry is a small handcrafted business, focusing on jewelry. Nadeige loves to make ethereal themed pieces, relying heavily on soft colours, real florals, and butterflies, to create a collection of whimsy, unisex, pieces! All pieces are made by hand with love, using acrylic, resin, and high quality metal to ensure everything is hypo allergenic. 

Light of a Lotus:

Hello, My name is Lotus Vivirviel aka Lightofalotus. I am a self taught multimedia artist that began painting for my mental health. I have gravitated toward illustrative works that feed the desires of my inner child, address mental health issues, and bring me joy. I follow my emotions in my creative process and let my artwork evolve with me as I do a person.The best description I’ve been given for my current style as an artist is “Acid Spice Girl.” I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.