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We are a husband and wife run shop from Estevan, SK. B.J. specializes in realism, traditional and Japanese styles, and Keisha enjoys anything floral and traditional work!
  • BJ Zieger
  • Keisha Zieger


Welcome to 9 Element Tattoo, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We take pride in our craftsmanship, and understand that our clients are of utmost importance. It is in our top priority that we uphold the highest standards of cleanliness, are creating art to the best of our ability, and providing everyone with the best experience we can offer.
  • Jim Tran
  • Connie Taing
  • Stephanie Wang-Fortier
  • Aida Arnaldo
  • Michelle Luong



Good art is developed from ideas. We will take your ideas and create artwork that flows and works together over the contours of your body. This “flow” is especially important with larger pieces. We will try to incorporate specific ideas, but  feel that the best pieces are produced where maximum creativity is applied. Each piece is designed just for you, so spend some time and develop a short list of your thoughts and priorities. Every artist has their strengths. Look over the artist’s portfolio to insure that he specializes in the style you prefer. Do your homework!

Always think ahead. Most tattoo virgins think they need to start with something small. The truth is that your best chance at getting art with incredible detail and flow comes in a larger size. Smaller old tattoos can be covered with varying success, but it is much better to have a design that works together from scratch.

Also, you want to keep the main theme simple. Too many images jammed together often isnt visually appealing. One or two major focal points, and perhaps one or two minor elements provide the best format for an attractive tattoo. Clutter is the enemy of flow. Also, text is best incorporated as a part of a banner or ribbon, not simply plopped onto an image.

Quality is what lasts. Meaning is important, but what makes a tattoo great is artistic quality. If it’s good, it will always be good. We want you to be as proud to wear it as we are to create it for you!

  • Melissa Bennett
  • Shaun Monto
  • Angie Demeter
  • Rob Adams
  • Karli Willms
  • Janelle Reithmeier


I've loved art for as long as I can remember. Since 2016, I’ve been studying, designing, and creating tattoos. I began to manifest my dream creative space while overseas. I toured studio spaces, and got tattooed within similar environments that I wanted to create on my own. Ten Torches is for tattoo collectors that want a unique and individual experience. Craftsmanship and dedication go into each piece created within our brick walls.
  • Sean Vis


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At Tiger Heart Tattoo we have created a friendly yet professional atmosphere while offering high quality custom tattooing in a relaxed, open concept environment (which means there are no private rooms).

Our skilled artists offer a variety of tattoo styles such as traditional, black & grey, floral, black work, and color realism. We love our job and give each project nothing less that 100%! Come by the shop to check it out, we’d love to see you!

  • Ashley Gray
  • Ryan Shaw
  • Chrissy Blake
  • Justin Valens
  • Emily Manderscheid


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The Sterling Skull Studio is a Custom Illustration-Oriented Professional Tattooing studio in Grande Prairie Alberta. Started in 2013 by Chris Rhyason, award winning tattooer and polymath. The Sterling Skull Studio has continued to provide premium custom tattooing, illustration, art, logos and apparel to Canadians and illustrative art lovers worldwide.
  • Chris Rhyason


We are very busy and growing studio with 2 locations. One in Turtleford, Sk and the other in Lloydminster, Ab. Marc Blanchette is the shop owner and artist, he specializes in black and grey. Kayla is full time at our Turtleford location for about a year and is a super versatile artist. Seth and Austin are both broadening their tattoo skills, and putting out some great work.
  • Marc Blanchette
  • Kayla Crawford
  • Seth Gray
  • Austin McMartin


Fun times. Bold lines.
  • Timothy Turner


Our local Saskatchewan tattoo artists specialize in creating wonders by making your imagination come to life through body art, tattoos, and piercings. Our staff at Koi Ink artists and body piercing specialists have a combined experience of over 20 years working in the Saskatchewan tattoo and body art industry.
  • Rod Mac
  • Chris S
  • L


Rites of Passage is a family run, tattoo-only shop established in Saskatoon in 1999 hosting 8 working artists. No gimmicks or hype.. Just good folks doing quality tattoos.
  • Graeme Burke
  • Joe Shedden
  • Joelle Johnson
  • Ellise Watling
  • Victor Miranda
  • Jose Pino