Melissa Squire Fashion Design


Melissa Squire Fashion Design is a socially conscious, community oriented company, a diverse brand with a focus on sustainability.  For over 17 years her handmade designs have been showcased on runways both locally and internationally. 
The Melissa Squire line rocks vintage vibes with a modern edge.  A little something for everyone, you will find  adorable dresses, skirts and tops, beautiful gowns and fabulous flowing shawls. Children’s rompers, overalls, jumpers, dresses, pants and shirts.  Masculine vests, ties, and dress shirts. As well as the Sailor Dan Collection, proceeds from which are donated to local mental health organizations.   
Sustainable accessories made from upcycled tire include bow ties, cuffs and watch straps, necklaces, earrings, belts, suspenders, purses, fascinators and even top hats! 
She designs many custom pieces,  including unique wedding and formal attire, all handmade in Saskatchewan!  Melissa loves working with clients of all ages, shapes, sizes and genders to create pieces that highlight their natural beauty and instil confidence and body positivity.