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@PRIMALATTITUDE "Expressions Were Meant To be Worn" Since The Beginning, Primal Attitude has been at the forefront of Tattoo Culture, Distributing Clothing Companies from the Tattoo industry across Canada Including: - Sullen Art Collective - Ink Addict Apparel - 2K2BT Clothing and more. We stay on the cutting edge by providing amazing product lines, made for the industry, by the industry. We bring you items that are otherwise hard to find, as they are often limited prints and not something you're going to see in your everyday clothing stores. This keeps what you're wearing fresh, unique, awesome and truly BADASS!! In just this last year, has expanded in one of Canada's most diverse Tattoo Supply Companies. Not only do we carry clothing now, but also a majority of the Best Tattoo Supplies on the market. We have brought the Major Names to Canada like: - Python Needles and Tattoo Machines - Ink-Eeze Tattoo Products including the amazing Green-Glide. - Anchored by Nikko Hurtado - A Pound Of Flesh - Hustle Butter - Precision Products - Ever Ink Tattoo Aftercare and Opus Tattoo Gloves ... and we're just getting started. But, it's not just about the clothes. Primal Attitude embraces the lifestyle, culture and the amazing talent that we find in our travels. We feature outrageous Musical Talent, stunning Tattoo Artists and our very own PrimalArtists, Beautiful PrimalSirens and Handsome PrimalTitans (Our Female and Male Models). These select few make up our PrimalFamily. We love People who continue to help bring the industry into the main stream. We have discovered so much on our travels - we want to show it all to you! So don't be afraid! Go take a look around and enjoy the site! We'll see you soon at The Saskatoon Tattoo Convention.
  • Primal Artist: Will Smink


 Hand lettering by Rayzer!  Ray Hawrysh is a veteran sign painter from southwestern Manitoba. With a steady hand and an eye for detail, Ray has been perfecting the art of hand painting and air brushing since 1975. #FindYourEdge  Returning again to the Saskatoon Tattoo Expo (April 13-14). The chance to own one of The Rayzer's custom hand painted Tattoo signs is an opportunity you don't want to miss!
  • Ray Hawrysh


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Are you looking for a very special, fascinating and unique piece to decorate your home or office? Embellish your rooms with these enchanting Framed Art Pieces made of real butterflies or insects by Anshul Fernando. All butterflies and insects used in the Art Pieces have been either raised by breeders or bred in an environmentally conscious manner. The frames can be ordered in different sizes and colors. We endeavor to meet our costumer’s wishes regarding the color and appearance of the Art Pieces. Framed butterflies, other insects, arachnids, skulls, butterfly jewellery, insect key chains and drawings
  • Stefanie Haase-Fernando
  • Anshul Fernando


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Alchemy Clothing Salon and Tattoo is a female run business in the heart of Saskatoon. It hosts two tattoo artists, local clothing design and a salon with 6 journeyman stylists. Our staff is happy to assist you artistically in many mediums, working strictly in unique custom designs.
  • Shannon McLean
  • Kim Bernhard
  • Alchemy Clothing
  • Alchemy Salon


Tattoo Aftercare – Piercing Aftercare – Mouthwash – Nasalize – First AidH2Ocean, Inc. are the makers of industry leading tattoo and piercing aftercare products, as well as all natural Mouthwash and holistic first aid products. Unlock the secrets of the sea!


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We are Lee and Lindsay from Calgary, Alberta, adventurous entrepreneurs and parents to some ultra-cool little kids. We are lovers of food, live music, our community, and (drum-roll, please)... beards!  We started making beard oils and balms in our kitchen in 2013 and, after a bit of tinkering and a lot of testing on Lee and our other bearded friends, we knew our brews were so damn good that we'd be crazy not to share them with the world.  So, in July of 2014, we did just that.  It doesn’t take long for something good to get around and, before we knew it, we were neck deep in shipping boxes.  Since then, our little company has continued to grow, with customers from around the world and retailers across Canada.  As our company continues to expand, we are more dedicated than ever to maintaining our uncompromising (and neurotically high) commitment to quality; from sourcing local and ethically obtained ingredients, to preserving our old-school values in customer service.  We know that we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, our customers. We also know that you have many options when it comes to which company you choose to support, so we are forever grateful that so many of you have chosen us.
  • Lee Palichulk
  • Alex Beauchamp


Wake up. Make up. Repeat. The Lippy Hippie offers a unique line of lip colour that is water proof, smudge proof, AND kiss proof! If you're looking for the perfect semi permanent colour for your lips, LipSense is the hottest brand on the market today. When applied, the colour can last up to 18 hours making it the perfect product for work, date night, special events, and yes, even those long tattoo sessions! Whether you prefer a bold red lip, or you like to stick with a pretty neutral the Lippy Hippie has the perfect shade for you!
  • Holly Hallwachs


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Hell Razor Barber Shop fills a demand in Saskatoon for a classic full service barber shop, with a strong focus on style, skill, and service. Owned and operated by Journeyman Barber, Cash Driedger, opened for business uniquely within Eye of the Needle Tattoo Studio in early 2015. Cash will be accompanied at the Saskatoon Tattoo Expo this year by Eye of the Needle's senior piercer Kendra Maree.
  • Cash Driedger
  • Kendra Maree


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Unlike other tattoo removal methods, this Method is far less painful and far more cost-effective, as it requires up to 50-75 percent fewer treatments for a complete removal, and is the only method that will remove all colours where laser cannot. While there are other non-laser methods available, our method provides the only ALL NATURAL (NO ACIDS, NON-TOXIC) product and procedure available. This procedure uses a method of tattoo removal similar to applying tattoo or permanent makeup to the skin, minimizing damage and scarring to the area.
  • Ryan Bayda


Wylde YQR is an oddities shop of sorts, where you can find beautiful dead decor for your shop, home, office, or pretty much anywhere. All my items and hand processed and made by me. We've got something for everyone, I specialize in elaborate framed bugs, scorpions butterflies and rare moths. But we have so much more to offer! Come in and check us out!
  • Alex Schofield
  • Amy Martin