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@PRIMALATTITUDE "Expressions Were Meant To be Worn" Since The Beginning, Primal Attitude has been at the forefront of Tattoo Culture, Distributing Clothing Companies from the Tattoo industry across Canada Including: - Sullen Art Collective - Ink Addict Apparel - 2K2BT Clothing and more. We stay on the cutting edge by providing amazing product lines, made for the industry, by the industry. We bring you items that are otherwise hard to find, as they are often limited prints and not something you're going to see in your everyday clothing stores. This keeps what you're wearing fresh, unique, awesome and truly BADASS!! In just this last year, has expanded in one of Canada's most diverse Tattoo Supply Companies. Not only do we carry clothing now, but also a majority of the Best Tattoo Supplies on the market. We have brought the Major Names to Canada like: - Python Needles and Tattoo Machines - Ink-Eeze Tattoo Products including the amazing Green-Glide. - Anchored by Nikko Hurtado - A Pound Of Flesh - Hustle Butter - Precision Products - Ever Ink Tattoo Aftercare and Opus Tattoo Gloves ... and we're just getting started. But, it's not just about the clothes. Primal Attitude embraces the lifestyle, culture and the amazing talent that we find in our travels. We feature outrageous Musical Talent, stunning Tattoo Artists and our very own PrimalArtists, Beautiful PrimalSirens and Handsome PrimalTitans (Our Female and Male Models). These select few make up our PrimalFamily. We love People who continue to help bring the industry into the main stream. We have discovered so much on our travels - we want to show it all to you! So don't be afraid! Go take a look around and enjoy the site! We'll see you soon at The Saskatoon Tattoo Convention.
  • Primal Artist: Will Smink


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Hive Mind Studios was founded in 2018 by three of Edmonton’s top tattoo artists—Marshall Khalil, Karl Sundquist and Tony Sklepic. Through a shared love of art, both body and otherwise, the three came together to bring you a studio that offers captivating and creative pieces that you will be proud to call you own.
  • Tony Sklepic
  • Marshall Khalil


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Enchanted Tattoo Studio - Edmonton, AB
  • Erin Storm
  • Kaitlin Matthews


First String Tattoo Studio is a custom tattoo studio in Winnipeg, this year they are being represented by J. Majury.  He is being joined by Malcolm Pinnell from Pol Tattoo in Montreal.
  • J. Majury
  • Malcolm Pinnell


At Electric Underground Tattoo in Saskatoon, we take pride in your hide. Every single tattoo applied to each client receives the same professionalism and precision. We strive for original, custom tattoos for all of our clients.
  • Mason LaRose
  • Marc Wishart
  • Nicole Sack
  • Danny Dismember
  • Victor Miranda
  • Marshall Ambrose


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Black Rider Tattoo opened in 2015 in Vancouver BC by Alison Lilly and Paul Gardiner. Since then Jesse Williams, Eric Brunning and Carlo D'Onofrio have been added to the team. We specialize in custom tattooing and offer a range of variety of styles from all five artists.
  • Alison Lilly
  • Paul Gardiner
  • Jesse Williams
  • Carlo D'Onofrio
  • Eric Brunning


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Black Sea Tattoo is home to Orrin Fleischhacker, Julian Williams and Cory Lee James. We specialize in creating custom tattoos and take pride in our quality tattoos that stand the test of time. To inquire about tattoos, designs, or appointments contact us by phone or email.
  • Cory Lee James
  • Julian Williams


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An Alberta based, fully custom tattoo studio with decades of combined experience. Specializing in delivery of stylish, one-of-a-kind designs. Serving the North since 2013.
  • Chris Rhyason
  • Roxie Gordey


We are all artists from different shops/provinces coming together to work together as a team Here is the info for each artist: ** Fresh-E Station Street Tattoo   ** Miss Beans Haven Tattoo   **Benny Hannya Haven Tattoo   ** Jonny Murdoch Lucky Fortune Tattoo   **Logan Morrison Tattoo Union   ** Dylan Homer Tattoo Union   ** Jeremy Riley Tattoo Union   ** Dane Silverthorne  
  • Fresh-E
  • Miss Beans
  • Jonny Murdoch
  • D-Boy
  • Jay Breen
  • Logan Morrison
  • Dylan Homer
  • Jeremy Riley


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We are Winnipeg's custom studio. We have established ourselves to meet the needs of our clientele by offering a professional environment that helps connects the people to the artists.  We will also be joined this year by our piercer Morgan @piercingbymorganvalade
  • Jessica is one of the owners and head artist. She enjoys long walks with her cats & tattooing Neo-Traditional/Realism artwork
  • Jan is our part time comedian, with a talent for illustrative/American traditional tattooing
  • Jessica Danilow
  • Jan Veldman
  • Sean Sosnowsky
  • Morgan Valade