Level Up Tattoo Studio


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Level Up Tattoo Studio is a Pop Culture inspired tattoo shop based in Saskatoon, SK.

Michael Lauen is a resident artist at Level Up Tattoo Studio.  He loves to do Rad tattoos.  If you are looking for fun pop culture inspired work relating to Movies, TV shows, Music, Disney, Animation, Comic Books and Video Games be sure to contact Michael!  He also loves to tattoo nature inspired pieces such as large and small animals, birds, dinosaurs and flowers.    Be sure to swing by the booth and say hi to the crew at Level Up Tattoo Studio.  Its time to Level Up and get your next tattoo!! https://www.instagram.com/michaellauen/       Email me at: Lauentattoo@gmail.com

Email me at Lauentattoo@gmail.com

Trenton Giles is a resident artist at Level Up Tattoo Studio.  He enjoys doing colour realism in all different realms.  He loves tattooing birds, animals, flowers, colour portraits in both large and small scale!  If you would like to contact me in regards to availability at the show please contact me using the email listed below.

https://www.instagram.com/flydowntattoo/       Email me at: Flydowntattoo@gmail.com

Kevin Hastings is a resident artist at Level Up Tattoo Studio.   Kevin enjoys tattooing Black and Grey realism.  If you are looking for some rad animals like a  Wolf, Fox, Bear, Big Cats (Lion, Tiger etc.), Moose, Deer, Hawk, Eagle, Falcon or any wild life what so ever Kevin is the artist for you!  If you want something fun be sure to contact me at the email listed below.

https://www.instagram.com/hastings_tattoo/       Email me at: Kevhas@gmail.com