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Alchemy Clothing Salon and Tattoo is a female run business in the heart of Saskatoon. It hosts two tattoo artists, local clothing design and a salon with 6 journeyman stylists. Our staff is happy to assist you artistically in many mediums, working strictly in unique custom designs.
  • Shannon McLean
  • Kim Bernhard
  • Alchemy Clothing
  • Alchemy Salon


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Bold Statement is our home away from home. Each one of us is dedicated to offering not only the highest quality tattoo but also the highest quality of service, advice and aftercare. Bold Statement was created in 2011 and has been backed by tattoo artists with 10+ years in the industry ever since. We provide you with a warm and friendly experience from ongoing clients to new ones. We are here to answer all of your questions and to help you create a bold, beautiful design for your tattoo.
  • Matt Owen
  • Shantelle Macdonald


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Kapala Tattoo is a custom tattoo shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba owned by artist Rich Handford.
  • Rich Handford
  • Dan Fletcher
  • Sean Cushnie
  • Tyler Alderson
  • Reuben Todd
  • Bernel Stevenson


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We're here to chew bubble gum and make sweet tats, and we're all outta bubble gum.....
  • Chris Anthon


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Welcome to Classic Tattoo, clean, solid tattoos done with passion and the highest regard for tradition and the utmost respect for those who paved the way before us. We love our clients and want nothing more than to give you an amazing, clean tattoo in a friendly atmosphere. Located in downtown Red Deer, we offer a wide variety of artistic styles and many years of experience. We are proud to announce that we have been voted GOLD for BEST TATTOO SHOP in Red Deer for the 7th year in a row!! Thank you so much to all that voted, it does not go unnoticed.
  • Lucas Ford
  • Benny Hannya
  • Jordan Rip-a-strip
  • Dane Silverthorn
  • Lee Brooker


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Ink Addiction is one of the premier tattoo studios in the City of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Check out our work on the website, or come on down to our booth and look through our portfolios in person... we would love for you to be our newest client!
  • Steve Clark
  • Evelyn Arnason
  • Ty Kohle
  • Dax Brunet
  • Aaron Garand
  • Jaeden Helgason


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Imago studio opened in the spring of 1997, as a place of artistic growth and professional integrity. We’ve always nurtured an outstanding team of tattooers and enforced a strong work ethic. Imago is a welcoming and informative studio to all, but mainly geared to the serious tattoo collector. It’s renowned worldwide for its’ quality work, style-based tattooing and of course, its’ talented and dedicated tattooers. We believe that every customer should get a courteous and knowledgeable service, provided in a safe and relaxing environment. Working by appointment allows us to have more time and preparation for each of our tattoo projects. We always schedule at least one consultation before engaging in a new piece. Our reputation is based on the tattoos we produce every day. The trust given to us by our customers means the world. We are amongst those who believe tattooing isn’t a right, but rather a privilege. Tattooing is our life, nothing less.
  • Safwan


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  • Ben Vandenburg


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Empire Tattoo houses six resident artists in the downtown core of Victoria BC Canada. We have Ory Pereira, Emily Shoichet, Dave Hadden, Ian Olsen, Isaac Holland and Dustin Logan. Each artist has a different style and focus' primarily on custom tattoo projects. We run on coffee and sweet thoughts of kittens... plus the artists have instagram. Check out their stuff. See you at the show! @oryiam @emilyshoichet @tygrdave @jackjesus @isaacjholland @dlodious
  • Orry Pereira
  • Emily Shoichet
  • Dave Hadden
  • Ian Olsen
  • Isaac Holland
  • Dustin Logan


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3 nice canadian fellows from vancouver making thoughtful tattoos
  • Jeremy Riley
  • Logan Morrison
  • Dylan Homer